26 August 2012

Greetings from Black Rock City

A few people have asked if we would be running an OpenBTS network at Burning Man this year.  Well, we are.  Six of us have been here since Wednesday 22 August.  We have three cell sites running and are in the process of installing two more.  We are making phone calls already, but have not yet opened the network to the public.  Details are here and here.  These pages will be updated as the system rolls out.

See you on the playa.  Have a good burn.


  1. Hi David,
    Congrads on another successful deployment. Can I ask when you guys will crank up the documentation process. I think documentation including different languages will greatly increase adoption rates specially for developing and rural areas that need this technology the most.

    You have many OpenBTS developers, volunteers and users that may be able to help that need to be engaged... In the FLOSS area crowd sourcing works and I think you take advantage over it. Look at the information the Irish and Indian (VNL.in) competitors are putting out..Your thoughts?


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