24 August 2010

A First Taste of Peru

I recently returned from the Latin American Workshop on Wireless Networks for Rural Areas in Ica, Peru. Due to a very tight travel schedule this month, I spent more time on airplanes and buses than at the actual workshop, but I am very glad I went. The workshop brought together researchers, regulators and carriers to discuss current barriers to rural telecommunications service and review the activities of some exciting projects, especially in Peru and Brazil.

My stay in Peru was short but enjoyable and the workshop organizers demonstrated remarkable hospitality. My first impression is that Peru is a fascinating land, inhabited by hard-working people who are rightfully proud of their heritage. I hope to visit again.


  1. Hello, David, we are very glad too for your participation in the workshop. Thanks a lot. We hope you can come back to PerĂº.


    Juan Paco

  2. I have a friend in Ica, any news to tell them?