09 April 2010

Catch a Demo at eComm

The eComm conference starts on April 19 in San Francisco. I'm speaking. Last year was my first year there and it was a great conference for anyone interested in future directions and new thinking in telecommunications. I met a lot of people there who turned out to be very important for the project over the next year, like Tim Panton, who was our initial contact for Niue, or Rob Ullens from Voxbone who helped sponsor our Burning Man 2009 project. I will be in more familiar company this time around, and very much looking forward to it.

I made the first public demo of an OpenBTS node at last year's conference. But that's old news, the speakers' slots are short and I have a lot of new things to talk about. I'm bringing the equipment, so if you are at eComm and want to see an OpenBTS demo, hunt me down and we can arrange something.


  1. we want install the openBTS in our institution .But the problem is :
    1) when we start the BTS sim cards from other service providers also get latched , when Control.OpenRegistration is set to 1
    11)or they get disconnected from their service providers and ,when Control.OpenRegistration is set to 0

    Please ..please help me ..so that only those sim cards which are mentioned in asterisk should only get latched without interrupting the servicing of other network probiders...

    Beause of this Faculty members are neither allowing us to install it for small coverage neither they are allowing us to test in open..

    Thanks you...

  2. Ravi -

    Please join the openbts-discuss mailing list and post your question there.

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