22 March 2010

Niue #7: Day of Rest

Sunday started with an IUSN technician coming to the guest house to return the key to the TV tower site and complain that we "blew out" their Trango power supplies by cycling them the day before. That was surprising and I apologized, although I still doubt that's what actually happened. He then went on to complain that he had to work on a weekend and even on his birthday. That was annoying, so I assured him that however inconvenienced he was by us, we where much more inconvenienced by IUSN.

After that little spat, Frank and Taiichi took us on a driving tour of the coastline. Niue is a big chunk of limestone surrounded by a narrow shelf. There are no real beaches, but there are amazing caves and chasms and tide pools 100 yards long and 20-30 feet deep.

In the middle of all that, we stopped at Taiichi's for lunch. We had green coconuts straight from the tree, Cookie grilled some pork and lamb and Frank brought a collection of local foods cooked in an "umu", an underground oven.


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  2. Thanks Dave, its the umu not uma we use for cooking the food.

  3. Great! Thanks David :)

  4. Hi David, thanks for that hope we have another chance to make another umu. Regards! Frank S.